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Route Plan : Intuitive and fast !


  • Create way points : hover over journey then click and drag circle to create a new way point. Route Plan will recalculate and divide the Instruction tab into legs
  • Large icons and page format adapted for use on your phone
  • Instructions tab

  • Features special lines for legs
  • Displays rounded times and distances. Cumulated on left. Per instruction on right
  • Click on an instruction to zoom to this area on map
  • Journey tab

  • Set timing on Instructions tab by keying in departure time
  • Choose between car, bicycle, public transport and on foot
  • Use down arrow and enter to select pre-calculated text for From and To
  • Inverse From and To with arrows
  • Click + to add way points
  • Click Show traffic to light up traffic jams in red (green if ok)
  • Click Share then cut and paste link to share with friends
  • Click Print to print
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